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NSS Society


The NSS unit at Ramjas College has made a remarkable footprint and is devoted to community service and volunteering for different causes round the year.

The NSS unit of college is actively involved in the service of underprivileged , particularly the physically challenged, elderly , women and children.

It aims at inculcating human values, dignity of labour , self confidence and discipline among the volunteers. The main categories of projects are blood donation , anti tobacoo and AIDS awareness , family life education , functional literacy , help for visually impaired , environment sensitiveness and cleanliness , socio economic development, leadership and personality development , etc.

A student who puts in 120 hours of social service is awarded NSS merit certificate and outstanding volunteers are awarded special merit certificates .

NSS volunteers are also involved in a number of community development festivals , orientations and events throughout the years.NSS is one of the best platform available for all round personality development. Through various interactive and social activities as detailed above. It helps the volunteers to develop better learning of human values , social etiquettes and interpersonal skills. These help us in various aspects of problem solving in the long run as interpersonal skills serve as a key to achieve self and society goals. The motto of NSS Unit Ramjas College is


Dr. SURUCHI (NSS Coordinator)