About Us


Hiking and Trekking Club

This club’s focus is to explore and seek adventure, and seeks to go where (at least) not too many have gone before. The Club brings together enthusiasts interested in treks and adventure. The club’s activities range from simple social gatherings, to exotic trips such as visiting the Himalayan foot hills. The focus is on in the 'ing' in living. As in hiking, kayaking, biking, rafting, climbing, camping, skiing, touring, bungee jumping, parasailing, and skydiving. The club generally offers introductory to intermediate level adventures, and also encourages members to get together with other members of like tastes. Apart from trekking, the Club organizes Desert Trekking; snow skiing, white water rafting etc. The Club also conducts expeditions to peaks in the Garhwal/Kumaon Himalayas area.