About Us


Films and Movie Club

This club has been started to develop acute movie watching skills to nurture depth in film viewing and appreciation. As is well known, India is the largest film producing country in the world. Around nine hundred films in 16 different languages are made in the country every year. Close to one hundred-twenty satellite television channels are currently operating in the country.

The focus of the Film Club is to screen films of merit that are not normally available in the commercial circuit, experimental works and art house cinema. Two to Four films are screened every month and festivals and retrospectives organized regularly focusing on the work of well-known directors, actors, genre or country. Film festivals on particular genre have included, among others, a focus on women directors and adaptations of literary classics.

An ongoing concern of the Club has been to provide a forum to discuss documentary and experimental films, screened in the presence of the director and followed by discussions from the floor on some of the key issues raised in the films. These documentaries deal with a wide range of subjects from art and architecture, the environment, issues of politics and society, gender and questions of identity.