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Centre for Media Convergence

Centre for Media Convergence

Chairperson: Dr Rajendra Prasad

Member: Films Screening Committee to Preview Feature Films for Doordarshan — 2002-2005

Member: Evaluation Committee, Doordarshan Bharati Commissioned Programmes — 2003-2004


The idea ‘convergence’ inheres in the confluence of political, social and economic processes accentuated by the new technologies of new media in the era of ‘information age’, ‘communication age’ and ‘postindustrialism’. The new communications technologies and media convergence is radically altering human interactions and socio-economic organizations at both global and local level.

The study of media convergence is to study the change the way identities are constructed through convergence predicated upon the alteration of communicative environment. The focus of media convergence is (a) the time and space dimensions of communication flows, human interactions and the decision making processes; (b) informational economy based on service sector and knowledge and information processing professions; (c) the work practices of professional communicators; (d) the emergence of niche media /markets reinforcing the over all media – VVVization of civil society;(e) the global networking; (f) the postmodern politics premised upon the view that new media technologies create possibilities for building active civil society, grassroots plebiscitary democracy and new forms ofresistance politics and (g) the new media convergence ethics. About us

The centre for media convergence studies at Ramjas College makes an effort to provide space for scholars, researchers, and professionals to explore the themes associated with the notion of media convergence. The centre aims to facilitate the study of media in its diverse, competing and constructivist images and substance forms. Its seeks to inspire the policy scientist, the art and craft of cutting edge discourse in and about media and therefore, will organize workshops, seminars, colloquia, film festivals and so on.

It shall be the endeavour of the centre to provide a platform wherein the policy entrepreneur, statesman, scholars, intellectuals would engage in the discourse of the relationship between the media, journalism, socio-political and governance issues and to develop media convergence studies perspectives.


  • Organise and host conferences, workshop, colloquium, public lecture and so on.
  • Facilitate the inter-subjective and inter-disciplinary meanings associated with media convergence.
  • Support the teaching, research and discourse activities concerned with media convergence.
  • Support community and cultural activities related to media convergence.
  • Encourage student exchange and participation of students between media institutions and the centre.