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Centre for Public Policy and Governance

Centre for Public Policy and Governance

Chairperson: Dr Rajendra Prasad

Member: Three member panel Expert Committee appointed by the honorable Supreme Court of India for framing new National Policy to curb ragging in educational institutions across India. The panel is now the Monitoring Committee for implementation of honorable Apex Court’s directions.


‘Public policy’, as Thomas R Dye puts it, ‘is whatever government chooses to do or not to do’, and governance is the process by which the policies are operationalized. The study of public policies and governance structures and methods entails the description and explanation of the causes and consequences of government activity. The study helps us understand the socio-economic milieu, the political system’s response and impact on civil society. It becomes easier, then, to apply social science knowledge to the solution of practical problems. In the backdrop of informed political discourse, policy analysis and advocacy and governance reforms are possible.

About us

Centre for Public Policy and Governance at Ramjas College is a think-tank body for the purpose of carrying out its objectives for the benefit of the public at large and realizing the human right to livelihood. The centre endeavors in the areas of research entrepreneurship, policy formulation, knowledge dissemination, capacity building and grassroots initiative. Academic institutions, youth and cultural organizations, local bodies and self help groups will take an active role in this initiative. The centre will collaborate with several national and international agencies to reach out to a larger section of the society.


The centre from its humble beginnings towards its larger efforts aims at supporting the creation of an equitable, socially just and free society enriched by the principles of democracy and secularism.


The centre’s mission is to spread knowledge and awareness among fellow human beings through the promotion of research, training and dialogue among key stake holders in the society.


  • Promote research entrepreneurship and establish the centre as a knowledge based resource storehouse.
  • Work as a policy think tank that develops and promotes alternative solutions to issues concerned with the society.
  • Focus on information dissemination, capacity building and technology exposure by organizing seminars, workshops and dialogues.
  • Strengthen democratic institutions to enable coherent, reasoned and consistent policy formulation leading to better quality of life of every citizen.
  • Popularize liberal values, promote civil liberties and protect human rights.
  • Empower women and youth through sustainable community development programs.
  • Provide platform for every citizen to engage in political dialogue and democratic process.
  • Conduit the emergence of young leaders.
  • Work towards achieving global peace, harmony and cooperation through collaborating with likeminded individuals, groups and organizations at the national and international levels.